Syracuse Catholic Law Students Association

Catholic Law Students Association is a student organization at the Syracuse University located in Syracuse, NY

  • University and Student, Cultural, Non Profit
  • Syracuse, NY

Catholic Medical Association of Buffalo

As Catholic Physicians and Health Professionals of the Diocese of Buffalo, we come together in order to grow in the Spirit of Christ in our personal a

  • Non Profit, Medical, Religious
  • Williamsville, NY

Long Island Guild of the Catholic Medical Association

We are Catholic individuals dedicated to the ministry of health care. The Catholic Medical Association is the largest association of Catholic individ

  • Non Profit, Medical, Religious
  • Long Island, NY

Finger Lakes Guild of the Catholic Medical Association

The Finger Lakes Guild of the Catholic Medical Association was incorporated in autumn 2012. In order to grow in our understanding of the moral and

  • Non Profit, Medical, Religious
  • Rochester, NY

Catholic Lawyers Guild of Kings County

The Catholic Lawyers Guild of Brooklyn dates to the 1930's. The Guild was organized by and for Brooklyn Catholic Lawyers as a forum for discussing the

  • Business, Legal, Religious
  • Brooklyn, NY