Catholic Lawyers Guild of Kings County - Catholic organization in Brooklyn NY

Catholic Lawyers Guild of Kings County

The Catholic Lawyers Guild of Brooklyn dates to the 1930's. The Guild was organized by and for Brooklyn Catholic Lawyers as a forum for discussing the legal and social issues of the day. The members originally met in Saint Joseph's College on Clinton Hill, then in Saint Francis College, and then, through the years, at several other locations. The Guild has always maintained its core membership and a dedication to the ideals of the Catholic laity.

Over the years, the membership as well as the activities of the Guild have broadened in scope. The Guild's mission presently is to advance the goals and ideals of Catholic lawyers; to respect the integrity of the law and the need for its fair, compassionate and just application; to acknowledge the primacy of moral values and of justice in the governing and administration of modern society; to bring together members of the bench and the bar to discuss the social and legal issues and to accomplish these goals in a congenial and professional environment.

142 Joralemon Street, 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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